John encourages us to look and respond to God as we consider the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead; focusing on this old testament story from Joshua chapter 1 where God's people are getting ready to enter the land that He has promised them. 

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Point & Purpose Podcast 
In this second episode Pip, Sam and Joelle discuss Genesis 1-11 and how to understand it.  What's the story and it's purpose and how can we go deeper with grappling with it.
Direct download: Pointpurpose-episode_2.mp3
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Chris reveals some exciting new plans for Gateway as we look to gather in-person again!


Direct download: 020521_-_Vision_Sunday.mp3
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Welcome to the NEW Gateway 'bible' podcast... Point & Purpose!

In this first episode Pip, Sam and Joelle introduce the podcast and discuss how we can begin to read the bible, what are the challenges we face? What are the pitfalls we can avoid and how?

Direct download: Point_and_purpose_episode_1.mp3
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Chris introduces this new series based on the book of Proverbs and gives us an overview. 

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GATEWAY FAMILY PODCAST  ***New episode alert***

We are super excited this week to welcome the completely hilarious and humble man that is Aidan Schooley - if you don't already know him or if you do this is so worth a listen!

Direct download: GFP_-_Ep_4_-_Adian_S.mp3
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Here Joseph Mwilla from Zambia gives a message about the glory of God. 

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The 3rd episode of our GATEWAY FAMILY PODCAST has arrived!

This week Amie and Joelle are in conversation with the radiant Libby Adams.

Really recommend listening in and getting to know Libby better as she shares stories and experiences of travelling, music, family and church life. 

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We've reached the end!

Here is the final and concluding message from Chris as we finish this adventure and our Revelation series. 


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Sam speaks from Revelation 21 and John's vision of the destiny of God's people

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Gateway Family Podcast

Are you ready for the 2nd episode?


This week Amie and Alex welcome Alex Kelly to chat all things Cricket, Blackburn, Family, Faith and much much more!

Have a listen... 

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As we approach the end of this book and our preaching series on Revelation Tim explains the series of 7 visions in John's letter and what is being revealed to the 7 churches and for us today. 

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Hannah continues are series on Revelation with this powerful message and a provocation to examine our hearts.

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Welcome to our brand NEW Gateway Family Podcast!

Every other week Amie and Alex will be having a chat with different members of our church family so we can get to know them better.

Here is  the lovely Joelle Osei to kick things off...

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Chris unpacked some weighty verses in Revelation from chapters 14-16 looking at the wrath of God.

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Chris rounds off our preaching series by looking at Paul's teaching in Ephesians on the spiritual battle we face and encourages us to keep wearing the armour of God at all times. 

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David continues our preaching series in the second half of Ephesians and looks at how we can work out God's love in the world of work.

Direct download: 31012021-David_Cole.mp3
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John addresses some of the teaching laid out in Ephesians 5 relating to our roles in family life.

Direct download: 24012021-John_Davy.mp3
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Hannah shares from Ephesians 5 by describing this command given from God to us in the new testament. 

Direct download: 17012021-Hannah_Clarke.mp3
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Chris unpacks God's heart and the instructions given in Ephesians chapter 5

Direct download: 10012021-Chris_Frost.mp3
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Listen back to our Testimony morning with Pip, John, Tim and Antony sharing and bringing us encouragement. 


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