Romans 5:1 - 'Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.' Sam Evans concludes the Identity in Christ series talking about a central theme in Christianity: justification. Firstly explaining what 'Justification' means in its legal and Biblical sense, Sam shows the effects of sin on the world and who is justified through justification. He then fleshes out the "Great Transaction" and reveals how we should respond, finishing with four questions that come out of his talk: Don't I still have to be good if faith is all that is needed to be saved? Why can't God just forgive us without Jesus' death? Isn't "Faith" just another "Work"? and What does this mean for me today?

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Matthew 12:22-29. In the Old Testament, God commands His people to be plunderers. What does this mean? Should we just ignore this commandment? Matt Ashworth continues the Identity in Christ series to explain how we are plunderers for God. He calls for unity within the church, explains why the cross means that Satan is beaten, and shows what it means to live out the great commission. The victory has been won by Jesus and we live in it by the presence of the person of the Holy Spirit. Matt concludes by explaining how we should live knowing this.

Direct download: 20101128-MattAshworth.mp3
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Matthew 6:24-34. Dave Mullen explains the Biblical position on worry, how it affects us and how we see God.

Direct download: 20101121-DaveMullen.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:20pm UTC

Genesis 1:26-27. Continuing the Identity in Christ series, Chris Frost goes through and unpacks the concept of being made in the 'image and likeness of God'. He asks how it should affect our lives. This question is dealt with in four steps: Worshipping God, Respecting all life, Being creative and Enjoying God.

Direct download: 20101114-ChrisFrost.mp3
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Kay Smith talks to the church on the subject on forgiveness, developing it through the themes "Accepting forgiveness", "Enjoying forgiveness" and "Applying forgiveness". Firstly, Kay explains about where sin comes from and what 'repentance' really means. Secondly, the act of justification and the concept of grace are expounded. Answering such questions as: How much is forgiven? Why can God do this? Finally, Kay looks at how this affects how we live our lives, looking at restoration and the dangers of not forgiving.

Direct download: 20101107-KaySmith.mp3
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Jon Priestley continues the sermons series on our identity in Christ. Looking at Romans 8:37-39, Jon explains what it means to be 'more than conquerors' and its Greek meaning. He separates a 'more than conquerors' definition into three parts: Victory after victory, Strengthened through the battle and Conquering through another. Does victory mean our problems disappear? What is the enemy's role? Who has come before us? Jon answers these questions and more whilst discussing our new identity in Christ.

Direct download: 20101031-JonPriestley.mp3
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A talk from July 2010, as part of one of Gateway's "Foundation Mornings", David Lloyd discusses justification.

Direct download: 20100711-DavidLloyd.mp3
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In a world full of self-help books, celebrity psychologists and agony aunts, surely the Gospel must have something to say about our mental health?  Come and hear about Jesus' passion for your psychological and emotional wellbeing. (Due to technical difficulties, the audio cuts off during the questions at the end of the talk. Please accept our apologies.)

Direct download: 20101017-HannahEvans.mp3
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Foundation Morning. Talk 3/4. Having been struck in South Africa by the joy many people had despite having virtually nothing, I looked into what the Bible says about joy. Obviously it's part of the Christian life but how and why? I cannot promise that this talk will make you happy, but God has promised to give you joy!

Direct download: 20101017-AdamPrice.mp3
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Foundation Morning. Talk 2/4. This seminar will cover some foundations for worship, intimacy in worship, the presence of God and how gifts of the Spirit fit in!


Direct download: 20101017-PippaLloyd.mp3
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Foundation Morning. Talk 1/4. The Bible is an amazing book: written over 1600 years by 40 writers in 3 different languages yet clear and consistent in its message and themes.  In this session I'll be taking a 'big picture' view of the themes and structure of the Bible as a whole.


Direct download: 20101017-PeteGray.mp3
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John 15:1-5, 16. Tony Smith continues the sermon series on our new identity in Christ with a sermon on bearing fruit. Tony explains that everybody is called to fruitfulness, and how we should not fear God's hand in our lives. He shows how God has promised over us great things, and gives examples of some of the fruit that God gives and how we can increase our yield of this fruit.

Direct download: 20101010-TonySmith.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:28am UTC

1 Corinthians 12:12-27. Chris Clifton-Brown continues from last week on the theme of what the church is. Anchoring his talk in 1 Corinthians, Chris looks at why the church is described as a body and how we should react to that. He looks at two feelings that could come from this passage; one of isolation and one of superiority, and reveals these to be wrong and damaging to the church. He discusses what it means to be a member of the church, and made in the image of God. Chris also talks about what gifts are, and how we find out our own.

Direct download: 20101003-ChrisCliftonBrown.mp3
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Acts 2:42-47 and many other places in the Bible teach us what the Christian church should be like. Chris Clifton-Brown looks into this passage and explains why the church should be devoted to the teaching of the apostles, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer and evangelism, as well as what these concepts really mean. Two members of Gateway also share, with real stories, how knowing and living this affects our lives and our communities.

Direct download: 20100926-ChrisCliftonBrown.mp3
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12-09-2010 - Sam Evans - Alive, raised and seated in the heavenlies

Ephesians 2:4-7. Sam Evans looks at this passage in which the concept of being alive, raised and seated in heavenly places is written. Sam explains how we were dead, why we are no longer far from God and the full access we now have to Him. We are called not to live as if looking from earth to heaven, but from heaven to earth.

Direct download: 20100912-SamEvans.mp3
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05-09-2010 - Tony Smith - Understand the times

Tony Smith - Understand the times

Direct download: 20100905-TonySmith.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:40am UTC

22-08-2010 - Matt Ashworth - God the Husband

Matt Ashworth - God the Husband

Direct download: 20100822-MattAshworth.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:39am UTC

15-08-2010 - Mike Beaumont - Satan

Mike Beaumont - Satan

Direct download: 20100815-MikeBeaumont.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:37am UTC

08-08-2010 - Jon Priestley - New creations

Jon Priestley - New creations

Direct download: 20100808-JonPriestley.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:36am UTC

18-07-2010 - Chris Frost - Baptism service

Chris Frost - Baptism service

Direct download: 20100718-ChrisFrost.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:35am UTC

11-07-2010 - Kay Smith - Intimacy and the supernatural

Kay Smith - Intimacy with God

Direct download: 20100710-KaySmith.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:32am UTC

13-06-2010 - Sam Evans - Ambassadors in the Kingdom Part 2

Sam continues his talk on Ambassadors in the Kingdom, talking about how submitting to God, we can gain an authority to reign.

Direct download: 20100613-SamEvans.mp3
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06-06-2010 - Tony Smith - A Royal Priesthood

Tony talks from 1 Peter 2, focusing on all Christians being described as belonging to a Royal Priesthood, and how it is Grace that gets us there.

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30-05-2010 - Tony Smith - Children of God

Tony looks at John 1:1-14, observing the similarities between the beginning and Genesis. He then goes on to talk about us being children of God, being invited into a new family as a gift.

Direct download: 20100530-TonySmith.mp3
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23-05-2010 - Sam Evans - Ambassadors in the Kingdom Part 1

Sam talks about us being Ambassadors of the Kingdom, and how if we are open to spreading the word, then God will put people in our path, and things will happen.

Direct download: 20100523-SamEvans.mp3
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02-05-2010 - Dave Mullen - What is God like?

Dave talks about what God is like. He is described as the lion and the lamb, the loving father and the terrifying judge, and completely unfathomable. Dave explores God's character.

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25-04-2010 - Tony Smith - Christian Maturity

Tony talks about his recent trip to Bethel, as well as Christian maturity and dependency on the Holy Spirit.

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18-04-2010 - Chris Clifton-Brown - Obedience or Love

Chris talks about the child-parent relationship, and what the bible teaches about obedience and love, showing how we should view our relationship with God, in similar way.

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11-04-2010 - Jon Priestley - Promises

Jon talks on the promises that God makes. He uses the example of Abraham, and how he would be the birth of a nation. He also talks about how his own personal experience, and how God can work in mysterious ways.

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21-03-2010 - John Payne - Marriage

John Payne continues the series on Colossians. He speaks on marriage and the roles of a husband and a wife, comparing it to the relationship between us and God, and Jesus and the Church.

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14-03-2010 - Chris Frost - Baptism Service

Chris does the talk for the Baptism service, talking about how we are saved. He tells of how we have to rely on God's grace, not on our own works, and how we need to give our whole hearts to God.

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07-03-2010 - Chris Clifton-Brown - Set your heart and mind on things above

Chris continues our series on Colossians. This week he talks on setting our heart and minds on Jesus, and the importance of keeping rooted in him.

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28-02-2010 - Dave Mullen - Update on St. Marks

This Sunday their was an extended time of worship. In the middle, Dave Mullen also gave an update on the how the building works are going at St. Marks. 

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21-02-2010 - Ray Lowe - Everyday Evangelism

Visiting speaker, Ray Lowe, talks about everyday evangelism, and how God has told us to spread the word, therefore if you are open to talking to people, he will put them in your path.

Direct download: 20100221-RayLowe.mp3
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14-02-2010 - Chris Clifton-Brown - Freedom from Regulation

Chris follows on with the series on Colossians. He talks about how Jesus freed us from the old law and regulation, and how, as a result, we should feel unhindered.

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07-02-2010 - Tony Smith - Colossians and Daring Faith

Tony continues the series focusing on Colossians. He also talks about Gateway's vision of Daring Faith, and how Jesus is behind us in all we do.

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31-01-2010 - Matt Ashworth - Continue in Faith

Matt continues the series looking at Colossians. He talks about the importance of continuing passionately in faith, and the love of God.

Direct download: 20100131-MattAshworth.mp3
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24-01-2010 - Tony Smith - Jesus's Church

Tony starts a new series on Colossians. He talks about how the church belongs to Jesus, and it is his church to govern.

Direct download: 20100124-TonySmith.mp3
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17-01-2010 - Chris Clifton-Brown - Introduction to Colossians Chris gives an introduction to the new series on the book of Colossians. He talks through the first fifteen verses, and talks about why we should be encouraged. This preach was originally meant to be done by Sam Evans, but he was unavailable, due to just having had his first child. Congratulations!
Direct download: 20100117-ChrisCliftonBrown.mp3
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