In a world full of self-help books, celebrity psychologists and agony aunts, surely the Gospel must have something to say about our mental health?  Come and hear about Jesus' passion for your psychological and emotional wellbeing. (Due to technical difficulties, the audio cuts off during the questions at the end of the talk. Please accept our apologies.)

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Foundation Morning. Talk 3/4. Having been struck in South Africa by the joy many people had despite having virtually nothing, I looked into what the Bible says about joy. Obviously it's part of the Christian life but how and why? I cannot promise that this talk will make you happy, but God has promised to give you joy!

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Foundation Morning. Talk 2/4. This seminar will cover some foundations for worship, intimacy in worship, the presence of God and how gifts of the Spirit fit in!


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Foundation Morning. Talk 1/4. The Bible is an amazing book: written over 1600 years by 40 writers in 3 different languages yet clear and consistent in its message and themes.  In this session I'll be taking a 'big picture' view of the themes and structure of the Bible as a whole.


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John 15:1-5, 16. Tony Smith continues the sermon series on our new identity in Christ with a sermon on bearing fruit. Tony explains that everybody is called to fruitfulness, and how we should not fear God's hand in our lives. He shows how God has promised over us great things, and gives examples of some of the fruit that God gives and how we can increase our yield of this fruit.

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1 Corinthians 12:12-27. Chris Clifton-Brown continues from last week on the theme of what the church is. Anchoring his talk in 1 Corinthians, Chris looks at why the church is described as a body and how we should react to that. He looks at two feelings that could come from this passage; one of isolation and one of superiority, and reveals these to be wrong and damaging to the church. He discusses what it means to be a member of the church, and made in the image of God. Chris also talks about what gifts are, and how we find out our own.

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