Matthew 6:24-34. Dave Mullen explains the Biblical position on worry, how it affects us and how we see God.

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Genesis 1:26-27. Continuing the Identity in Christ series, Chris Frost goes through and unpacks the concept of being made in the 'image and likeness of God'. He asks how it should affect our lives. This question is dealt with in four steps: Worshipping God, Respecting all life, Being creative and Enjoying God.

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Kay Smith talks to the church on the subject on forgiveness, developing it through the themes "Accepting forgiveness", "Enjoying forgiveness" and "Applying forgiveness". Firstly, Kay explains about where sin comes from and what 'repentance' really means. Secondly, the act of justification and the concept of grace are expounded. Answering such questions as: How much is forgiven? Why can God do this? Finally, Kay looks at how this affects how we live our lives, looking at restoration and the dangers of not forgiving.

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Jon Priestley continues the sermons series on our identity in Christ. Looking at Romans 8:37-39, Jon explains what it means to be 'more than conquerors' and its Greek meaning. He separates a 'more than conquerors' definition into three parts: Victory after victory, Strengthened through the battle and Conquering through another. Does victory mean our problems disappear? What is the enemy's role? Who has come before us? Jon answers these questions and more whilst discussing our new identity in Christ.

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A talk from July 2010, as part of one of Gateway's "Foundation Mornings", David Lloyd discusses justification.

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