Romans 5:1 - 'Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.' Sam Evans concludes the Identity in Christ series talking about a central theme in Christianity: justification. Firstly explaining what 'Justification' means in its legal and Biblical sense, Sam shows the effects of sin on the world and who is justified through justification. He then fleshes out the "Great Transaction" and reveals how we should respond, finishing with four questions that come out of his talk: Don't I still have to be good if faith is all that is needed to be saved? Why can't God just forgive us without Jesus' death? Isn't "Faith" just another "Work"? and What does this mean for me today?

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Matthew 12:22-29. In the Old Testament, God commands His people to be plunderers. What does this mean? Should we just ignore this commandment? Matt Ashworth continues the Identity in Christ series to explain how we are plunderers for God. He calls for unity within the church, explains why the cross means that Satan is beaten, and shows what it means to live out the great commission. The victory has been won by Jesus and we live in it by the presence of the person of the Holy Spirit. Matt concludes by explaining how we should live knowing this.

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