Our guest speaker Daniel is associate director of St Barnabas' Theological Centre in Sheffield, with a PhD in Biblical Studies (specialising, coincidentally, in Acts!). He opens the second phase of our Year with the Doctor with an overview of the world in which the book of Acts was written, describing a society very similar to our own in a lot of ways...

Note: Daniel also delivered two further sessions providing an overview of the book of Acts and how some of its theology applies to the church today; these can be downloaded here :

Session 1

Session 2


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Dave takes us through Luke 23, asking the question where are we in the account of Jesus' crucifixion.

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David looks at how Jesus is in control, God is sovereign, and scripture is fulfilled in Luke 22.

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Chris avoids the traditional interpretation of this passage as referring to the End of the World, and gives an alternative, based on the 1st Century Jewish context Jesus was speaking in.

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In a special slot to open 2016, five 20/30-somethings preach for the first time on Luke chapter 20 where Jesus takes on the Pharisees and Sadducees. (The positively elderly Chris Frost wraps up!)

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