Chris Butland looks at Isaiah 11 &12, which reveals more about the Messiah promised to Judah - where He would come from, what He would be like, and what He would do.

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Chris CB is looking at Isaiah chapter 7 where he explores the response of Ahaz to God's salvation promise and why we can trust in Him through the storms of life!

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In Isaiah 9 we meet a God who overcomes rejection, is unwaveringly faithful, who endlessly restores, and who will never relent on revealing his kingship to a lost world through a uniquely blessed people. In this passage we get a foretaste of his great plan to restore the distinct favour of his people - the coming God man king, Christ. Here Matt Ashworth unpacks this increadible text and its implications for the church today.

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Tony Smith continues the preaching series on Isaiah, reading from Isaiah 1. Discussing what provokes the judgement of God, Tony finds the "pearls" in Isaiah 1, namely verses 18 and 19. God can judge - but it gives Him pleasure to invite His people to take up the offer of accepting His grace.

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