1 Samuel 1. Stewart Morris explains the meaning behind a Dedication morning, in the context of Hannah, Samuel's mother, who knew that God had 'closed her womb'. Firstly, he explains how Dedication recognises that every child is a gift from God. Secondly, that Dedication acknowledges that we need the Lord's help, and finally that Dedication entrusts our lives to Jesus even when we don't understand. 

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Chris Frost continues from last week his journey through the Old Testament, from Genesis to the minor prophets. The "Five P's" move from Pattern of the Kingdom, Perish, Promises (as last week) to Partially fulfiled promise and Prophesied Messiah. Chris sets the Old Testament into its historical context, clearly explaining the story of Israel from Abraham to John the Baptist.

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Chris Frost beings this year's sermon series on "Worship - Word - Prayer", focussing on the Word. Beginning at the start of Genesis and making his way through the Old Testament, Chris explains the perfection of the Kingdom of God, how death came about and the promises that God made to Abraham.

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Tony Smith explains the reasoning behind picking "Worship - Word - Prayer" as Gateway's theme for 2011.

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