As part of the series on worship Sam speaks from Revelation Ch 21:1-8 on the Christian hope of new creation.  

Sam looks at how being sure about this ‘living hope’ can transform our lives and worship now.

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Neil Bartlett, lead elder at The King's Church, High Wycombe, speaks on Isaiah 6:1-8. To explain more fully Isaiah's vision of the Lord, Neil explains what Isaiah sees, what he says and what he does. He explains how the glory of God is something of substance, how the holiness of God is a threat to sinners but how God makes the unclean clean through his grace. Isaiah, who calls himself a 'man of unclean lips' has his guilt taken away and says 'Here I am! Send me.'

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Matt Ashworth continues the series on prayer with James 5:13-18. The passage is James' exhortation (emphatic/strong urge) to his readers to pray, Matt explains, before splitting the sermon into two parts: 1) That they are exhorted to believe in prayer and 2) That they are exhorted to act out their lives in prayer. Firstly, Matt explains the glorious picture of prayer the Bible gives, as well as the importance of praying in faith and being in right relationship with God to see mighty miracles. Matt challenges the church to look seriously at what God wants us to believe about prayer. Secondly, Matt shows how James strongly urges the Church to put their belief into action, with the comfort of knowing that God knows our weaknesses and the Holy Spirit is given that we may have an almighty prayer life.

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Foundation morning: A look at woman from creation to today. What was in God's original design? How was and is this affected by the fall? And, what does femininity look like for the Church today?

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Foundation morning: A look at one of Jesus' most radical but most often down-played promises. We'll look at what it means, how it can possibly be true, and the exciting potential if we choose to believe it!

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Foundation morning: We will look verse by verse through Acts 2:42-47 particularly at the early believers’ generosity and how we can also be that generous...and maybe even more!

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Foundation morning: I believe prayer can bring healing, revival and ultimately can change a nation. In this seminar I aim to explore prayers in the Word that lead to breakthrough, how we can model our prayer-life using the 'keys' given to us, discuss what it means to travail in prayer in the face of adversity and touch on the joy of developing an intimate relationship with Jesus through prayer.

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Looking again at 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28, Tony Smith answers six questions about prayer, our personal communication with God. Firstly 'What is prayer?', dealing with what our role in prayer is and God's role too: our relationship. Secondly 'What does God want us to pray?' shows us that we do not pray to inform God but to show our dependency on Him. Thirdly 'Is prayer effective?', in which Tony gives examples of powerful prayers and talks about prayers from Christians and those who are not Christians. Fourthly Tony answers 'What is praying in Jesus' name?' and what it means to say "in Jesus' name" at the end of a prayer. Fifthly 'Should we pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit?', in which Tony answers whether it is Biblical to pray to a member of the Trinity other than the Father. Finally, Tony answers 'What is the Holy Spirit's role in our praying?', showing His energising power.

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Chris Clifton-Brown carries on looking at John 17:20-26, focusing on unity within the Church. Explaining Jesus' confidence for a Church that would grow, Chris shows Jesus' emphasis on unity within the Church as key. Showing how this unity is a reflection of the Trinity and how that unity could be misinterpreted, Chris emphasises unity in diversity. The emphasis on glory in the passage is explained as well, and what this means for the Church, and where we as Christians fit into the redemption plan of the cross. Chris finally encourages the Church to put one another first and the missional and evangelistic importance of unity.

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From Exodus 2:1-10, Chris Clifton-Brown talks about Amram and Jochebed, the parents of Moses. Chris shows that they had a vision for their child and his life and saw the beauty of God's creation in him. Secondly he explains why parents should protect their children and how parents sometimes fail to do so. Finally he shows how they committed themselves to God-centred parenting and the need of parents to accept responsibility.

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Sam Evans continues looking at John 17:1-19, discussing Jesus' central passion for the Father's glory. Explaining the root of the word glory, Sam teaches what we learn about Jesus, what we learn about ourselves and how we can live in the world but not of the world, focusing on prayer.

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Tony Smith continues the series on Prayer by giving the background to, and explaining the significance of, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28. Setting Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians, the Thessalonian church and Paul's gospel-centred mission in their context, Tony concentrates on verses 16-18. What does it mean to pray without ceasing? Why do "rejoice always" and "give thanks in all circumstances" surround this encouragement? Tony explains that "pray continuously" is not a legalistic command, but is instead an encouragement to the Church. He explains how prayer should look in our personal lives and in our lifestyle, as well as how the Church community and Church culture are affected.

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Chris Frost looks at John 17:1-5, at Jesus' prayer. Going through the prayer, explaining it bit by bit, Chris brings out key information about how we should pray following Jesus' example, and what prayer means.

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Gateway's year-long series on Word - Prayer - Worship moves into its second part, on prayer. Pete Gray explains how to pray, using the Lord's prayer as a structure. Explaining how it is two halves, one about God and one about us, Pete goes through the prayer explaining what each part means and how it relates to our prayer lives. He ends with a challenge to spend more time individually in prayer, as well as as a church.

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Matt Ashworth reminds the church of the encouragement to live with daring faith, using Luke 10:1-11 as a new encouragement. The "72 others" are explained as having daring faith to go out into a dangerous environment as the harvest is plentiful. Matt explains five keys to living a life of daring faith, namely: trusting in God's provision; keeping hearts set on the task; finding enjoyment and rest in people who give peace; believing in signs and wonders and shaking off every trace of rejection. Equally important to those who are living this life, those who used to live it but have grown cold and to those who have never lived it, Matt gives a powerful call to the church to have more faith and to live in it. 

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1 Colossians 3:1-2. Beginning his talk with a question about the problem of evil, as to 'why the wicked prosper' (Psalm 73), Lionel Currie, pastor at Bridge Street Pentecostal Church, encourages the church to not look within ourselves for answers but to heaven. Discussing taking the long view, Lionel stresses the importance of looking forward and what it means to have a Biblical "hope".

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Terry Virgo, founder of Newfrontiers, speaks on Jesus' first sign from John 2:1-11. Explaining the significance of this first sign taking place at a wedding, Terry explains Jesus' endorsing of marriage. Secondly, Terry shows the position that Jesus holds, within his family and away from human advice, agenda and manipulation. He emphasises the importance of obedience, faith and trust.

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Stewart Morris talks on Gateway to spiritual gifts, one of four seminars that took place of Sunday, 27th March. Stewart explains what the gift of tongues means for us as a private gift, and why it is there to build us up, personally. Answering questions such as what is the gift of tongues, what is the point of it, how does it work, what is its value and can anyone receive it, Stewart explains why we should 'eagerly desire' this gift and the importance of it in building our relationship with God.

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Andrew Ogden talks on the theology of marriage, one of four seminars that took place on Sunday, 27th March. Andrew talks to married couples, singles and those preparing for marriage on the three key aspects of marriage: that marriage is divine in origin; that marriage is God's present-day parable for the gospel and that marriage is a prophetic picture of the reversal of sin in God's covenant grace. At each stage he fully explains God's plan for marriage and our role in it.

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Jo Frost talks on Hope in death, one of four seminars that took place this Sunday. Jo sensitively discusses death, what the Bible says happens when Christians die and what our attitude to death should be.

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Toria Clifton-Brown talks on Do all things really work for good?, one of four seminars that took place this Sunday. Toria uses Romans 8:28 for the basis of this talk, concisely and sensitively explaining who God makes this promise to, what the phrase "all things" really means, and the meaning behind "good". She then uses examples of Biblical characters to show how we can respond to abuse, losing prosperity, depression, despair, recurring sins and other issues.

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Visiting speaker Jeremy Simpkins talks on the Church, what it is and what God is building, with Ephesians 2:19-22 as his starting point. Discussing the "apostles' teaching", who we are as Christians and individuals, as well as the Church as community, Jeremy explains fundamental elements of what the Church is. Finally, he speaks prophetically over Gateway Church.

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Romans 6:3-4, Romans 8:13-16. Adam Price talks at Gateway's baptism service, answering three questions. Why would I want a new life? Why the need for death? and How do I start a new life?

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John Davy preaches on Daniel, with reference to Tony Smith's preach earlier in the year of Gateway's vision for 2011. Explaining Daniel's story and history, John gives practical advice on how we also can follow what God wants for us. His five major points are explained and expounded in detail, and made relevant to our lives: Daniel was in an unpromising environment; He was a gifted man; He was a diligent man; He was a perservering man and finally God's power.

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Sam Evans begins by looking at Luke 1:3-4. Talking about questioning, the supposed fight between science and religion and historical inaccuracies of the Bible, as well as evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, Sam follows on from Arnold Bell's preach last week answering common challenges to the Bible's authenticity. Sam recommends four books: The Reason for God by Tim Keller; Why Trust the Bible by Amy Orr-Ewing; Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias and How to Read the Bible for all it's Worth by Gordon Fee.

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Arnold Bell begins in 2 Timothy 3:14-17 to move throughout the Bible explaining the purpose and focus of the Bible. The two overarching questions of How important is the Bible? and Why can we trust it? are examined deeply. The focus of Bible on Jesus Christ is explained, as well as the question of human ability vs. divine inspiration, and the issue of tradition and experience. The importance of the Bible is examined as well, as Arnold discusses its necessary impact on our lives.

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2 Corinthians 4:5-18. Tony Smith discusses Gateway's vision for 2011. Looking at the hard times faced in 2010, Tony looks forward, discussing realism, faith, jars of clay and all-surpassing power, explaining what 2011 will bring.


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Chris Clifton-Brown finishes the three week brief overview of the Bible, looking at the New Testament.


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1 Samuel 1. Stewart Morris explains the meaning behind a Dedication morning, in the context of Hannah, Samuel's mother, who knew that God had 'closed her womb'. Firstly, he explains how Dedication recognises that every child is a gift from God. Secondly, that Dedication acknowledges that we need the Lord's help, and finally that Dedication entrusts our lives to Jesus even when we don't understand. 

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Chris Frost continues from last week his journey through the Old Testament, from Genesis to the minor prophets. The "Five P's" move from Pattern of the Kingdom, Perish, Promises (as last week) to Partially fulfiled promise and Prophesied Messiah. Chris sets the Old Testament into its historical context, clearly explaining the story of Israel from Abraham to John the Baptist.

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Chris Frost beings this year's sermon series on "Worship - Word - Prayer", focussing on the Word. Beginning at the start of Genesis and making his way through the Old Testament, Chris explains the perfection of the Kingdom of God, how death came about and the promises that God made to Abraham.

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Tony Smith explains the reasoning behind picking "Worship - Word - Prayer" as Gateway's theme for 2011.

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