Pip, Joelle and Sam discuss Genesis 12-36 the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with all it's twists, turns, brokenness, mess and yet God's faithfulness. They talk about finding the meaning and application in these challenging narratives and pitfalls to avoid.

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Chris continues our series in Proverbs by looking at verse 7 in chapter 1 which focuses on our knowledge of God.


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Sam leads us through the plans and vision of our new gatherings and talks about the gift of discernment looking at the 3 tests (Gold/Story/Fruit) we can use as we go on this adventure together.

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John encourages us to look and respond to God as we consider the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead; focusing on this old testament story from Joshua chapter 1 where God's people are getting ready to enter the land that He has promised them. 

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Point & Purpose Podcast 
In this second episode Pip, Sam and Joelle discuss Genesis 1-11 and how to understand it.  What's the story and it's purpose and how can we go deeper with grappling with it.
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Chris reveals some exciting new plans for Gateway as we look to gather in-person again!


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