Neil Bartlett, lead elder at The King's Church, High Wycombe, speaks on Isaiah 6:1-8. To explain more fully Isaiah's vision of the Lord, Neil explains what Isaiah sees, what he says and what he does. He explains how the glory of God is something of substance, how the holiness of God is a threat to sinners but how God makes the unclean clean through his grace. Isaiah, who calls himself a 'man of unclean lips' has his guilt taken away and says 'Here I am! Send me.'

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Matt Ashworth continues the series on prayer with James 5:13-18. The passage is James' exhortation (emphatic/strong urge) to his readers to pray, Matt explains, before splitting the sermon into two parts: 1) That they are exhorted to believe in prayer and 2) That they are exhorted to act out their lives in prayer. Firstly, Matt explains the glorious picture of prayer the Bible gives, as well as the importance of praying in faith and being in right relationship with God to see mighty miracles. Matt challenges the church to look seriously at what God wants us to believe about prayer. Secondly, Matt shows how James strongly urges the Church to put their belief into action, with the comfort of knowing that God knows our weaknesses and the Holy Spirit is given that we may have an almighty prayer life.

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Foundation morning: A look at woman from creation to today. What was in God's original design? How was and is this affected by the fall? And, what does femininity look like for the Church today?

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